Talks & Presentations


"Title TBD"

  • Politics Research Seminar, University of Reading. Nov 2022.

  • MANCEPT Staff Seminar. University of Manchester. Feb 2023.

  • Political Theory Workshop. University of York. June 2023.

  • Conference on "Resisting Colonialism". University College London-Penn State. June 2023.

  • Conference on "Remembering Wrongdoing". Nanyang Technological University, Sinagpore. Dec 2023.

"Decolonizing Cultural Globalization: Césaire and the Hierarchy of Creator and Consumer"

  • Contemporary Political Thought Seminar. University of Cambridge. Nov 2022.

  • Political Philosophy Seminar. London School of Economics. Dec 2022.

"Intellectual Property as Anticolonial Resistance?"

  • British & Ireland Association for Political Thought Annual Conference. Oxford University. Jan 2023.


"Nehru, Internationalism, and World Union: An Anticolonial Approach to Global Democracy"

  • American Political Science Association Annual Conference. 2022.

  • European Consortium for Political Research. Innsbruck. 2022.

"‘Wild men bent upon revenge’: international investment and neocolonialism as structural racial exploitation"

  • MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory. University of Manchester. 2022.

"Decolonizing Cultural Globalization"

  • Political Science Research Seminar. Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico. 2021.

  • Human Values Forum, University Center for Human Values, Princeton, NJ. 2019.

"Towards a Postcolonial Global Justice: Decolonization as Egalitarian Revolution"

  • Legal & Political Theory Colloquium. University College London. 2021.

  • Centre for Ethics, Law and Public Affairs. University of Warwick. 2021.

  • Association for Global Political Thought. Harvard University. 2022.

"On the Ethics of Pregurative Resistance",

  • Early Career Political Theory Workshop. Pompeu-Fabra University. 2022.

  • Ethics in Protest Symposium (with Avia Pasternak and Jonathan Havercroft). International Social Ontology Conference. 20 August 2021.

Title redacted for review

  • Global Minority Rights Forum. The Arctic University of Norway, June 2021.

  • Race, Racism & the Politics of Identity, The School of Political Science, Government, and International Affairs, Tel Aviv University, 2020.

"The Egalitarian Basis of Anticolonialism"

  • American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 2020, San Francisco, CA, 2020.

  • Britain & Ireland Association for Political Thought Annual Conference, Oxford University, 2020.

"Two Strands of Anticolonialism"

  • 17th Annual Meeting of the Association for Political Theory, Irvine, CA, 2019.

"Talking about Freedom: Self-Determination and the Problem of Neocolonialism"

  • American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Washington D.C, 2019.

  • 16th Annual Meeting of the Association for Political Theory. Philadelphia, 2018.

  • Princeton-Pompeu Fabra Joint Workshop in Political Theory, Princeton, 2018.

"Colonial Injustice and the Moral Foundations of Collective Self-Determination"

  • 5th LSE Political Theory Graduate Conference, London, U.K.

  • MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory, 2018, Manchester, U.K.

"Citizenship and Statelessness: The Problem of Revocation"

  • Graduate and Early Career Researcher Retreat, Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace. 2021.

  • American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco. 2017.

"On the Use and Abuse of National Identity", Brave New World Graduate Conference, Manchester Center for Political Theory, Manchester University, Manchester, 2016.